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October 26th, 2014

Math skills needed for cosmetology Many areas of the salon require you to use percentages and fractions to be successful.
Getting paid on a commission basis means you have to precisely calculate your earnings and make sure your figures and those of your salon owner match.
Knowing the difference between a 20 percent peroxide solution and a 40 percent peroxide solution is critical to having a good outcome when it comes to color application.
Handling the appointment book means being able to divide your day into fractional equivalents and stick to them.
The proper angle of scissors and razors when cutting hair is an important skill to master.
These classes target the business math you need to make your beauty career successful.
Success in the field of cosmetology depends on having good math skills and using them.
What kind and how much math you need to know to become a helicopter pilot depends upon who you ask.
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She previously served as the blog editor for a major online fashion blog and has more than a decade of backstage experience in the beauty and high fashion industries.
Great hair color comes from mixing different shades in percentages that will create the desired shade while taking the original color into account.
Understanding the ins and outs of chemistry is a helpful tool to a cosmetologist.
Many people are under the impression that cosmetologists breeze their way through a quick and easy.
Math is significant for cosmetologists because the very nature of cutting hair involves taking measurements to achieve an even and balanced haircut.
This basic math knowledge also helps to ensure more consistent results each time a chemical service is performed.
Another positive effect that a math background has upon the cosmetologist is the ability to efficiently schedule appointments and manage her time.
Cosmetology is intended as an instructional guide for both a science teacher and a beauty shop teacher in teaching the scientific aspects.
The beauty industry relies heavily on the use of chemicals in the production of cosmetics and cosmetic processes such as hair dying.
Bachelor of Arts in organizational psychology from Wilberforce University in Ohio.
Business Math And Accounting Cosmetologists will need to have a basic understanding of business math and accounting.
Problem Solving Mathematics teaches a person to reason and work through problems.
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Students skills are taught in a salon setting which prepares them for the business.
Take this class that offers training in Auto Body Repair I and II to gain skills to jump start your own business or do it yourself projects on you own vehicles.
Provides questions and answers similar to what is found on state licensing exams in cosmetology.
The only workbook for cosmetology students with the information they need to make the transition from training to the workplace .
Aromatherapy by Jimm Harrison explores the complex and important chemistry and application of essential oils.
Provides questions and answers similar to what is found on state licensing exams for cosmetology.
This book introduces students and new salon professionals to the Level System of Hair Color which enables them to better understand formulation and application techniques used .
This new book is a comprehensive guide to customer service and client care for the salon industry.
There are various loans and grants out the to assist you with the fees for the cosmetology program.
As with any type training you will have textbooks to study as well as practical exams to take to test your understanding of the concepts being taught.
You will also have the ability to practice what you are learning on mannequins as well as your classmates.
He or she may specialize in a particular area or may be involved in overall customer care.
Your school has a responsibility under the law not to perpetuate gender stereotypes when it is .
A Cosmetology Career is one that provides a creative outlet for those who want to do what they love most.
Business Math And AccountingCosmetologists will need to have a basic understanding of business math and accounting.
You must provide documentation from your school listing all subjects taken and how many hours taken per subject.
Louisiana does not necessarily require an entrance examination to attend cosmetology school.
Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology when the student has completed her program and desires to be licensed by the State Board to work in the field of cosmetology.
Learning how to sequence events and ideas help prepare students for many life areas.
SMART Boards are white boards that use interactive technology to bring lessons to life and many teachers rely on them in the classroom.
A kindergarten teacher might use an activity that helps students put a short story in order while a high school educator might use an activity that teaches s.
Cosmetology is the art and application of beauty treatments ranging from a simple haircut to a complete makeover.
The tools cosmetologists use will depend solely on their expertise and where they work within the cosmetology field.
The beauty industry relies heavily on the use of chemicals in the production of cosmetics and cosmetic processes such as hair dying and nail technology.
Cosmetologists are trained in the use of chemicals to sanitize their tools and work areas and are taught the proper safety precautions in the use of these chemicals.

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